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South Of The Border: Season 8

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The Border: Season 8

In this season of Southern Charm, we follow the Southern Charm gang as they continue to live their lives in Charleston and turn up the drama. From plastic surgery mishaps to bedding suitors, to breaking up with each other, this season has it all!

Season 8 is finally here!

The South of the Border Season 8 is here and we have all the juicy details for you!

From start to finish, this season is sure to be a roller coaster ride. With twists and turns at every turn, you won’t be able to get enough. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to South of the Border!

Here are some of the key things you need to know in order to watch the season:

When is it airing?

South of the Border Season 8 will air on Hulu from September 12th – October 12th.
Where can I watch it?
You can watch South of the Border Season 8 on Hulu or on Sling TV. If you want to watch it live, you can do so through DIRECTV NOW.
Is there a season pass?
Yes, there is a season pass available for purchase. It is available for $39.99 and gives you access to all eight seasons of South of the Border.

What devices does it work on?

South of the Border Season 8 will work on devices that support Hulu streaming. This includes devices like Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Apple TV 4th Gen, and more.

What can we expect?

There is always something happening in south of the border, and this season is no exception. We can expect a lot of exciting changes this season, including new events, items, and emotes!

There are a few new things that we can expect this season. First, we can expect a new event called “Race to Mexico” which will take place in Mexico City. This event will have players racing through the city to capture flags and earn points.

Another exciting new event is “The Hunt” which will take place in South America. In this event, players will have to track down hidden treasure chests across different locations.

Lastly, we can also expect some new emotes this season. One of these emotes is called “El Matador”. This emote features a bull wearing a sombrero and has been designed to represent Mexico’s famous corridos (folk songs).

Character Spotlight: Julianne and William.

Julianne and William are two of the most interesting characters on South of the Border. They are a young, in-love couple who are facing some tough challenges in their season.

Julianne is a native of Mexico who has been living in the United States for almost two years. She loves America and feels very connected to her native country. However, she is also very critical of American culture. She thinks that Mexican culture is better than American culture and she is not shy about expressing her opinions.

William is Julianne’s American boyfriend. He was born and raised in California and he loves America just as much as Julianne does. He is supportive of Julianne’s views about Mexican culture, but he also respects American culture. He knows that there are good and bad aspects to both Mexican and American cultures, but he chooses to live in America because it is his home.

South of the Border is a unique show that explores the relationships between people from different cultures. It is an interesting show that provides a glimpse into the lives of two interesting characters.

Top Moments of the Show

The South of the Border season finale was full of action and drama. Here are some of the top moments from the show.

  1. Antonio Mendoza wins the duel against Alejandro Moya.
  2. Elena and Damián get married.
  3. Antonio tries to kill Alejandro Moya.
  4. Tomas and Mateo try to rob a bank.
  5. Antonio and Alejandro duel again.

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