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The best Android spy apps to protect your child

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The children of today are growing up in a world that would’ve been alien to us, had we caught a glimpse just a few decades before. At the very age that most of us were using an abacus to count or were still learning to read and write using chalk on blackboards in school, our children have been handling technology that transmits information, audio, and video from one end of the planet to another, as fast as spoken words.

According to a 2019 survey by Sell Cell, most children in the US are given their first cell phone by the ages of 11-12. One percent even have their own phone, as early as between one and two years old.  Most overwhelmed parents are grateful that smartphones and Androids have given them the luxury to sit and relax while ensuring that their kids are sitting safely in one place, entertained effortlessly by their screens. However, these digital devices and phones can be extremely dangerous tools in the hands of a child or teenager.

Despite being fast and capable learners, children cannot safely discern safety from danger or right from wrong, and a phone is a window to an entire universe of sights sounds, AND people, without limits and restrictions. Their curious nature only increases their vulnerability to the darkness residing in the corners of the Internet.  The dangers of social media, cyberbullying, child predators, excess screen time, illicit websites, and mental illness are all monsters that lurk behind a child’s unsupervised smartphone usage. Even the most attentive and caring parent can miss a malicious text message sent by a stranger, or a carefully embedded subliminal message in a seemingly innocent Youtube kid’s video. The large amounts of information that a child is bombarded by in one hour of using a smartphone can also do a lot of damage, such as ADHD. Unfortunately, parents usually notice warning signs only after a child has been affected or disturbed psychologically, and removing smartphones completely is out of the question because it would mean sacrificing their learning benefits and connectivity in the digital age.

That is where monitoring software for digital devices, in the form of Android spy apps, comes in and offers an all-in-one solution that can put parental worries to rest. The best thing about all of these apps is that while being spying tools to protect children from the hazards of the internet, they double as a child’s safety net with their state-of-the-art features. We’ve listed the Android spy apps that are the most efficient at keeping your child or teen safe:

  1. TheOneSpy:

This one stands out among monitoring software because it combines powerful and advanced features with flexibility. Available on all the latest Android versions, TheOneSpy is a complete remote tracking solution that allows parents to track their child’s location, check screen time, filter and get alerts for inappropriate web content, and keep an eye on real-time activation of their child’s device’s camera and microphone. Installation of the app on your child’s phone and activation of the portal on yours takes as little as 3 minutes. TheOneSpy offers complete monitoring and message history for social networking apps like Facebook and Snapchat, Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Viber, and even online dating sites like Tinder, making them safer for your teen. It even allows parents to delete and uninstall unwanted or risky apps, giving them complete control over their child’s Android phone, in invisible or visible modes.  

  • OgyMogy:

A strong contender in Android spy apps OgyMogy aims to ensure that your child is using their Android fully but safely. Its features include Geofencing/location updates, recording and monitoring of calls and instant messages, contact list reports, instant messaging coverage, and real-time activity reports. OgyMogy also allows parents to capture screenshots of any incoming problem activity that can help legally if their child is being targeted by malicious individuals.  With an added password logging option, it is simple to use but reliable and will not only protect your child from harm’s way on the internet but also allow you to assess and exercise better control over their screen time to protect their mental and physical wellbeing. Whether a parent is managing domestic responsibilities, taking a break, or working, apps like OgyMogy make it possible to keep their kids close, anywhere!

  • SecureKin:

The SecureKin tracking app for Android was designed keeping child security in mind. This conveniently packaged app is a combination of child safety features for the phone and a very simple user interface to enhance ease for parents of all walks of life. Secure Kin comes with a built-in Web Filter to keep your kids clear of illicit or inappropriate sites and a browser history tracker. Activity reports and screen time logs allow parents to make sure their children aren’t spending too much time on anything that could affect their health negatively. Parents can also block unwanted or inappropriate apps while keeping tabs on their child’s location whether at school or at play.  A key logger helps record any passwords a guardian may need to access their child or teen’s social accounts from another device.

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