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The Best YouTube Channels You Must Watch Today

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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms on the internet, and for good reason. It’s home to millions of videos that can teach you everything from how to crochet to how to bake a cake. But which YouTube channels are worth your time? The following list is a compilation of the best YouTube channels out there today. From education to entertainment, these channels will provide you with hours of value that you won’t be able to turn down.

The Daily Vlogger

1. LoadingReadyRun

loadingreadyrun is one of the most popular YouTube channels out there, and for good reason. The channel is dedicated to gaming content, but it also mixes in general videos such as making fails or funny challenges. If you’re looking for something entertaining and informative, this is the channel for you!

2. Smosh

smosh is another popular vlogger on YouTube. The channel has a wide range of content, from comedy sketches to tutorials on how to make slime or nail art. If you’re looking for something lighthearted and amusing, check out smosh!

How to Make a Video on a Budget

If you’re looking for some great YouTube channels to watch without spending a fortune, there are plenty out there. In this article, we’ll share with you some of the best YouTube channels that you can use on a budget.

1. DIY Network: If you’re interested in building things or just want to see how things are done, DIY Network is definitely worth checking out. They have tons of amazing tutorials on everything from home renovations to car repairs.

2. Two Cents TV: If you’re looking for funny videos, Two Cents TV is definitely one of the best channels out there. They’ve got all kinds of hilarious content, from skits to blooper reels.

3. Daily Motion: If you’re into creating viral videos, Daily Motion is definitely the channel for you. They’ve got tons of awesome tutorials on everything from making your own videos to shooting for the stars (literally).

4. Annoying Orange: If sarcasm and annoyance is your thing, then Annoying Orange is definitely worth watching. His humor will make you laugh out loud (or at least it did ours).

5. The Fine Bros.: If comedy and family fun are what you’re looking for, The Fine Bros.’ channel is perfect for you! They’ve got episodes of classic shows like Spongebob Squarepants mixed in with their own original content – it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!

The Creative YouTuber

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to escape the mundane routine of daily life, look no further than YouTube. It’s home to millions of creative individuals who have made amazing videos that will keep you entertained for hours on end. Whether you’re a fan of comedy, animation, or just plain old educational content, these are the best YouTube channels you must watch today.

1. The Dodo Channel: This channel is full of hilarious animal videos that will make you howl with laughter. From funny animals trying to get their food (or themselves) to eat, to downright bizarre behaviors, this channel is sure to entertain and educate at the same time.

2. CGP Grey: This channel is a treasure trove of great video content that will teach you everything from history to economics in an interesting and engaging way. Whether he’s discussing ancient civilizations or modern economic systems, CGP Grey has something interesting to share with his audience every single time out.

3. Vsauce: If you’re looking for high-quality educational content that is also highly entertaining, Vsauce is the channel for you! Featuring compelling videos on a wide range of topics from science and math to history and culture, there’s always something new and interesting here for fans of learning from sources other than textbooks or lectures.

4. BuzzFeed Video: BuzzFeed Video is known for its viral jokes and quirky shorts that are sure to make you laugh – sometimes even hard – no matter what your

The Health and Nutrition YouTuber

YouTube is a great platform for learning about health and nutrition. There are many channels that have informative content, and these channels are worth following. Below are five of the best YouTube health and nutrition channels you should watch today.

1. Dr. Sara Gottfried – Dr. Sara Gottfried is a doctor and food blogger who has a wealth of knowledge to share on topics like healthy eating, weight loss, and more. Her videos are highly educational, and she provides valuable advice for both beginners and experienced dieters alike.

2. Jimmy Moore – Jimmy Moore is an American health expert who makes informative videos about all things nutrition related, from Paleo diets to veganism to gluten-free living. His videos are popular with both novice and experienced viewers, and he always offers helpful tips for improving your overall health.

3. Kristin Luckey – Kristin Luckey is a registered dietitian who specializes in creating safe, healthy recipes that anyone can enjoy. Her channel includes cooking demonstrations as well as detailed recipe instructions, making it easy for viewers to follow along at home.

4. Alicia Silverstone – Alicia Silverstone is known for her comedic roles in films like Clueless and Batman & Robin, but she’s also a fitness enthusiast who has developed a large following on YouTube thanks to her engaging videos about health and fitness topics like dieting and exercise routines for beginners.

5. The Healthy Home Economist – The Healthy Home Economist is another popular YouTube

Dude Perfect

There are so many channels on YouTube that it can be hard to know where to start. If you’re looking for some great content to watch, then you need to check out Dude Perfect. This channel is made up of guys who show off their skills by doing stunts and tricks that always seem incredibly perfect. Whether they’re skating, skateboarding, BMX biking, or just trying new things, these guys always come across as really funny and cool at the same time. Plus, their videos are always filled with amazing scenery and scenery changes so you never get bored watching them. If you want to see what all the hype is about, then you need to check out Dude Perfect!

The Road Trip Guys

What’s the best way to spend a summer day? Driving down the open road, of course! And if you’re looking for entertaining content to keep you entertained on your trip, there are plenty of great YouTube channels out there. Here are five of our favorite ones:

1. Car and Driver – This channel is all about car reviews and how-to’s from expert editors at Car and Driver magazine. You won’t be disappointed with any of their videos, whether you want to learn about car maintenance or see some amazing driving stunts.

2. Road Trip Nation – This channel is devoted to nothing but travel videos, from packing tips to hilarious celebrity interviews along the way. You can watch them all in one marathon or pick and choose whatever strikes your fancy.

3. The Manual Project – If you love cars but don’t really know anything about them, this is the channel for you! The Manual Project takes classic cars and restores them up to factory specs, so you can learn everything there is to know about these machines without having to own one yourself.

4. Howcast – One of our favorite things about YouTube is that it doesn’t just have to be for entertainment purposes; there are tons of educational channels out there as well. Howcast is one of those channels, and its videos cover a wide range of topics from cooking basics to tech advice.

5. Vsauce –

How To Craft The Perfect Coffee

If you’re looking for a way to improve your coffee-drinking experience, then you need to check out some of the best YouTube channels out there. These channels will teach you all about how to craft the perfect cup of coffee, from finding the right beans to brewing techniques.

Some of the best channels to watch include CoffeeGeekTV, The Roasterie, The Daily Grindz, and Great American Coffee Tour. Each channel offers its own unique take on coffee brewing, and each one is worth checking out if you’re interested in learning more about this delicious beverage.


There are so many amazing YouTube channels out there that it can be hard to decide which ones to follow. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to find some new and interesting videos to watch, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best YouTube channels you need to check out today. From fashion bloggers and vloggers to cooking experts and nature lovers, these channels will have something for everyone. So whether you’re in the mood for a laugh or an education, make sure to check out these top 10 YouTube channels!

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