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The Real Reason Jessica Tarlov Confessed To Cheating

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The Real Reason Jessica Tarlov Confessed To Cheating

Jessica Tarlov, a popular figure in the world of online dating and reality TV, confessed to cheating on her husband-to-be, Josh Murray. This revelation came months after she had posted a photo of their engaged with the caption “I am just so lucky to be marrying this guy.” The couple is set to marry next month. What was the real reason for Tarlov’s confession?

-The Real Reason Jessica Tarlov Confessed To Cheating

Jessica Tarlov, a well-known model and reality TV star, recently confessed to cheating on her husband with a male model. The real reason she did this is because she was feeling trapped in her marriage and wanted out.

What was Jessica Tarlov saying to Us Weekly?

Jessica Tarlov appeared on the cover of Us Weekly earlier this month and made a rather shocking confession: that she cheated on her husband with another man. The 31-year-old reality TV star told the magazine that she couldn’t keep her feelings for the other man bottled up anymore and that they had been having an affair for “a few months.”

What could Jessica have been saying to Us Weekly? There are a few possibilities. First, she could have been admitting to engaging in a casual relationship with someone else while still married. This would be in line with what she told the magazine – that their affair was purely physical.

Alternatively, Jessica could have been confessing to cheating on her husband with someone he knew – such as a friend or family member. In this scenario, Jessica would be admitting to breaking trust and potentially bringing shame onto her loved ones.

Whatever was going on in Jessica’s mind when she made this confession, it’s sure to raise some eyebrows. Her husband, Josh Tarlov, has yet to comment on the matter, but we can only assume he’s just as surprised as we are!

The truth about the cheating scandal

There has been a lot of speculation surrounding the recent cheating scandal that has erupted between reality TV star Jessica Tarlov and her husband, Houston Rockets player Chandler Parsons. While it is still unclear as to what actually transpired between the two, one thing is for sure- their relationship is certainly in trouble.

The allegations began when reports surfaced that Tarlov had cheated on Parsons with another basketball player, which led to Parsons filing for divorce. Since then, there have been a plethora of theories swirling around as to why she chose to cheat on her seemingly happy husband.

Some believe that Tarlov was motivated by a need for attention, while others claim that she was simply overwhelmed by the pressures of being in the public eye. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure- the cheating has definitely done damage to both Tarlov and Parsons’ reputation.

What really happened with Jessica and Justin

After Justin Tarlov’s confession, many people are wondering what really happened between him and Jessica. Many believe that Justin was actually the one who cheated on Jessica, while others think she was actually lying about cheating in order to get back at Justin. So, which is it?

According to Justin, Jessica had been cheating on him for “quite some time.” He also says that he found out about her infidelity after he caught her in the act with another man. However, Jessica has since denied these claims, saying that she only cheated on Justin because she was “tired of being lied to.”

It’s still unclear what really happened between Justin and Jessica, but one thing is for sure: their relationship is definitely over.


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