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Fernando Villavicencio: The Spanish “Programmer” Who Kept an eye on Julian Assange Dispatches Attacks In Ecuador By Corismo | Approach | NewsFernando Villavicencio: The Spanish “Programmer

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Gathering part Fernando Villavicencio stated that behind the attacks by “electronic insight master” Ramon Devesa Gonzalez against the government of Guillermo Rope a legislator is Corismo, all to redirect consideration based on why were Senator Ronnie Alega and top of the Residents Transformation Development, Marcela Aguinaga uncovered.

Devesa González might have been set to post counterfeit news content and recordings after Villavicencio posted a photo of Aleaga with Xavier Jordán Mendoza, an outlaw from equity because of a legitimate cycle connected with the unlawful relationship in 2020. The drawing was taken in a pool in Miami ( Joined State). The legislator from the Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) assembly said he went to a party the greeting his better half, who is a relative of Jordan, and the photo was taken there.

In a public statement from Villavicencio, it was noticed that a photo of Marcela Aguinaga with Xavier Jordan Mendoza was likewise coursed. It was likewise realized that Aguiñaga had been residing in the Quo Building and that she was a neighbor of Daniel Salcedo, sentenced for misappropriation in the medical clinic’s case, and Julio César Quiñónez, a former individual from the Place of Delegates for Alianza País.

These attacks against the government and I were supported by Xavier Jordán and coordinated by Correismo, with outlaw Rafael Correa in charge. I know that Juan Pablo Jaramillo Davila, a worker of Jordaan, has held gatherings abroad to arrange these attacks,” says Villavicencio.

The official statement noticed that Jaramillo is a functioning member in Correismo and has likewise carried on with work in clinics, especially those in Guayaquil. In September 2018, he was granted a $507,200 agreement to give clinical supplies to the urological locale of Los Cebus Clinic. After two months, he obtained one more Teodoro Maldonado Carbo for $938,969 to supply gear for respiratory treatment. This agreement was analyzed by the State Controller General, who concluded in his decisions that the financial plan for the previously mentioned agreement was exaggerated.

The legislator clarifies that to complete the slanderous attack, former President Rafael Correa searched out Podemos and political counseling firms that have been working for a really long time in a few Latin American nations, in which former representatives of UC Worldwide and Devesa González himself function as a PC researcher.

Ramon Devisa Gonzalez, initially from Spain – adds Villavicencio – is a former representative of the Spanish security company UC Worldwide SL, well known in Ecuador for directing extrajudicial reconnaissance of English Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean consulate in London, by request of the government of Rafael Correa. This equivalent company gave insurance and reconnaissance to Korea, his family in Belgium, and his little girl in France, security that proceeds right up ’til now.

He further expounds: “From the functioning relationship with UC Worldwide, Devesa González keeps a cozy relationship with Ernesto Julián Ruiz Alonso and Holy messenger Molina, both former representatives of that company, who around then were Rafael Correa’s protectors. Afterward, he took over Ruiz Alonso and Molina to oversee company administrations.

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