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Dislyte 3 Stars Tier List

Dislyte 3 Stars Tier List

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Dislyte is a fresh out of the plastic new gacha RPG game by Lillith games, An organization behind AFK field. The game includes fanciful components in a modern climate done imaginatively. Dislyte highlights shocking visuals and fabulous interactivity with a tremendous list of Espers to browse.

The game offers vivid turn-based battle interactivity where players would be expected to deal with a group of five. Thus, we organized the Dislyte 3 star Espers tier list to assist with making your groups. Regarding the matter of RPG gacha games, consider looking at our Genshin Effect Tier list.

Since Dislyte has a wide assortment of Espers, knowing the commendable increases to your group becomes fundamental. Picking Espers that perform well will be useful in battle. We have positioned different Espers in this tier list contingent upon their true capacity and capacities.

Since 3-star characters are more open to acquire than four stars or five stars, more players can use them in their interactivity liberated from any expense. We also organized a tier list positioning all Espers in Dislyte.

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These are the best 3 star Espers in Dislyte. They scarcely have any blemishes, and you wouldn’t be disheartened by their skills and possible in battle. Having no less than one of these in your team is suggested.

Ye Suhua

Ye Suhua is an amazing Esper who can attack, recuperate, and support. With her skill ‘Stardust,’ she can inflict tremendous damage to the foes equivalent to 100 percent of the complete attack of Ye Suhua. The Stardust capacity may also decrease the foes’ attack for two turns. The ‘Star Artist’ skill would build the safeguard and attack of every one of your partners.

Ye Suhua can also mend your group when you are definitely having a difficult time during battle. With her Astral Watchman Capacity, she can recuperate any of your partners by 20% of their most extreme HP while also conceding them power for a turn.

With such abilities to astound and potential, Ye Suhua is one of the most mind-blowing 3 star Dislyte characters in our tier list that you shouldn’t pass up. It is prescribed to involve her as a help to help you during intense fights.


Freddy is as a very remarkable monster in battle as he looks. The scary looking Wolf Esper can inflict critical damage and unleash ruin on the rivals. Freddy also can possibly inflict a ton of basic attacks. In the event that you need an extraordinary DPS, believe Freddy a superb decision to be in your group.

His skill ‘Hook of Covetousness’ can bargain huge damage to the adversaries; the impact of this skill is expanded when his HP is lower. Freddy’s crit rate would increment, and he would attack, overlooking 20% of the rival’s guard. With his ‘Wolf Strike; skill, he can level up his attacks to inflict huge damage. Likewise, His skill ‘Rush of the Chase’ can unleash ruin on foes as it would inflict damage equivalent to 240% of the attack.


Zelmer is a 3-star Esper who can manage a progression of enraged attacks weakening your rival. Her skill ‘Monster Attack’ can attack a rival two times with a possibility lessening their safeguard for two turns. Players can also move a debuff status to a rival with Zelmer’s skill ‘Tracker.’

What characterizes Zelmer as an incensed person is her perilous skill, ‘Red Tides.’ The skill can essentially inflict massive damage to the foes when they are debilitated. This savage person merited its spot in the above positions of the Dislyte 3 star tier list.

While not generally so solid as the S-Tier, these Espers are not to be undervalued as they are top notch and can perform really in battle.


Melanie can end up being a dangerous person in Dislyte. Her skill ‘Deadly Look’ can inflict critical damage; this skill could also inflict SPD down and debuff a rival. Melanie can also diminish a rival’s AP and inflict petrification, delivering your adversary powerless. Her skill ‘Sovereign of the Night’ can bargain extreme damage alongside a possibility decreasing a rival’s AP fundamentally.


Q can be an extraordinary decision in the event that you need an Esper that is great at both damage managing and debuff. With his Sweetheart’s Revile’ and ‘Heartbreaker’ skills, he can bargain great damage with a possibility inflicting guard down and attack down. His skill ‘Joke of the Aether’ can inflict monstrous damage on numerous foes. His magnificent DPS and backing skills conceded him a spot in A-tier in the 3-star Espers tier list.


Relatively few Dislyte 3-star Espers have a horrendous potential as incredible as Chelmers. This Esper can inflict gigantic damage, however a large portion of his skills expect players to forfeit a portion of their HP. To make him practical in battle, having a couple of healers in your team is suggested.

Both Chelmers’ ‘Gold Beam’ and ‘Gold Heartbeat’ skills can bargain amazing damage at the expense of his HP. If you would rather not spend a lot of his HP, Chelmers’ ‘Vita Lightbeam’ skill is perfect at damage managing while also getting an opportunity to cause the sick detail on your rival.

Unky Chai

Unky Chai is an even person with the two his hostile and backing skills. His skill ‘ Under the Moon’ can inflict great damage while expanding your AP by 25%. Moreover, he can also support the attack of your colleagues.

Unky Chai’s Latent skill can be convenient in light of the fact that it would altogether build Espers’ basic rate. The crit rate increment is arbitrary, and any two Espers in your group would get the buff toward the beginning of each and every turn. Basic attacks are fundamental if you have any desire to inflict huge damage to your adversaries.

B-TIER Espers

These Espers are not as phenomenal contrasted with other higher-positioned Espers. In any case, they might be a decent decision in the event that you own no characters from the above tiers.


Chang Pu is a fantastic healer in Dislyte. Her ‘Rebuilding’ and ‘Supplication of Restoration’ skills can give extraordinary mending. Her mending strength can be useful in battle, particularly while bringing down troublesome managers. In addition, with her ‘Sphere of Vaxar skill,’ she can bargain good damage and lessen the AP of your partners.

Tang Yun

Tang Yun has different skills in his profile that can rapidly obliterate foes. He performs well with regards to taking care of single adversaries. In addition, Tang Yun can bargain critical damage assuming his interest triggers in the wake of utilizing his skills. With his skill ‘ Iron Polearm,’ he may also stagger his rival for a turn as well as setting off pursuit. His extraordinary uninvolved damage potential makes him a superb Esper in our Dislyte 3 star tier list.


Jeanne is an incredible 3-star Esper for damage managing. Her capacity ‘Punk’ would bargain 30% of damage scaling on her attack; the skill would attack foes multiple times with a slight possibility inflicting a shock on the rivals. She can also shoot different foes with her skill ‘Cool Rhythms.’ Besides, her skill ‘Beat Burst’ can inflict great damage alongside forcing a paralyze on your rival for a turn while also debuffing them.


Lobby can go about as a decent DPS and backing with his flexible game style. His ‘Bolt of Timeless Isolation’ can inflict critical damage with a possibility decreasing a rival’s attack. Besides, he has a more fundamental skill, ‘Quiet Evening.’ The skill can bargain great damage equivalent to 160% of Corridor’s attack. Besides, you may also diminish a rival’s safeguard and inflict poison for two turns.


Lauren is a great Esper in Dislyte that can go about as a medical caretaker and fabulous help for your group. She can mend your partners while helping their AP, supporting you in battle. Her Skill ‘Jump frog’ can also inflict great damage and may inflict unique safeguard down detail on your rivals.

Lauren’s magnificent help skills make her deserving of having a put in your group. Her skill ‘Brush of Essentialness’ would make Lauren penance her own HP to recuperate partners. It tends to be somewhat of a bummer, and players could make some intense memories overseeing HP.


Leon is a respectable DPS having skills with extraordinary harming potential. Other than damage giving, a portion of his skills may also inflict a rival with debuffs and status impacts. In addition, his uninvolved skills would permit players to move their debuffs to the adversaries. His exceptional skills make him a phenomenal B-tier character in this Dislyte 3 star characters tier list.

His ‘Coldblooded’ skill can inflict colossal damage with a high possibility inflicting sickness on your objective. Moreover, Leon’s skill ‘Dangerous Burn’ can pound your rivals as it would damage your adversaries equivalent to 250% of Leon’s attack. Besides, the skill will also cause the burn impact on the rivals for two turns.

C-TIER Espers

These Espers have restricted likely in both battle and backing. They are not suitable and useful in battle. Nonetheless, they might function admirably in your group, contingent upon your assembles.


Berenice is generally speaking a frail person with regards to managing damage. However, her skills can offer help by diminishing the adversary’s protection and AP. Be that as it may, the greater part of her help capacities are restricted as adversaries are less inclined to be inflicted by them. With her skill ‘Moon Dance,’ she can give a safeguard to your characters that may be useful against solid rivals.


Bardon is definitely not a solid person with regards to battle or support. In any case, he can give your group a couple of extraordinary protection buffs. With his Light safeguard skill, he can bargain a nice measure of damage and may paralyze a rival. He can also inflict huge damage that scales on his attack and protection.

Also, he can bargain great damage with his Ascent to Respect skill that can support the protection of all partners for two turns. In any case, since the def up capacity would just last two turns, Bardon isn’t the most ideal decision for help.


David acts essentially as a DPS with a couple debuffing capacities. However his true capacity is restricted, he was set in C-Tier in our Dislyte 3 star tier list. His skill ‘Roundh

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